The GrassDawgs are: 

jackie bellow - bass and vocals


Jackie jaywalks the bar lines between jazz and bluegrass on string bass.  She also teaches piano and voice.








daryl burtnett - tenor guitar, vocals



Daryl says that six strings and five fingers is a silly combination.  Ever since he discovered the tenor guitar, he's been in 4-string heaven.










george holt - mandolin, vocals




George survived his mid-life crisis by buying an expensive mandolin instead of a sports car   










patrick hornig - fiddle, flute, vocals




Patrick Hornig won the 19th annual Craftsbury VT Old Time Fiddle Contest the year the crowd burned the outhouses for firewood.  That was back when outhouses were made of wood.










bob kordas - banjo and dobro



Bob started playing his great grandfather's banjo when he was 20 years old. An early love of traditional music led to organizing the Weare Fiddle & Banjo Contest for 8 years. Bob has also competed at the Lowell Fiddle and Banjo Contest, placing twice. For the past several years, he has been playing the resophonic guitar also, commonly known as a Dobro or steel guitar.






mike levine - guitar



Mike Levine flatpicks the 6-string, blending Jigs and Jerry. 









geordie wilson - guitar, vocals




Geordie is never far from our thoughts, even though his new home base is in Maryland.